1. Didn’t realise that you could set up alerts! Wanted to set up desktop notifications, but seems you can only enable it for a single column… Will enabling it on one column, enable it for all? Or will it literally only work for that single column?\n\nAlso, good to know that I can navigate from column to column using numkeys. I wonder if I can bind columns 10+ though….

    1. I believe you can enable it individually for the columns you wish to have desktop notifications (or sound notifications) for. Using the drop down menu at the top of the columns you’re able to click “alerts > desktop notifications” and this can be repeated for each.

      1. Sorry, I meant that it only allows me to do this for one column and the option disappears from the others if I already have it enabled for one column.

        1. That’s strange, it should allow you to enable desktop notifications for all. I personally have 4 different columns all with desktop notifications turned on.

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