Confirmation popups

Are you the kind of marketer to throw 10-layers of confirmation before someone can unsubscribe? Do you use emotion to try and keep users on your site? Are you guilty in guilt-tripping those who do not sign up to your email listing?

The truth is we’ve all experienced website popups, whether in-page or windowed. It may be part of your businesses marketing strategy but it sure isn’t pleasant for the user. To highlight this significant first-world problem that we’ve all come to detest, we decided to scour the web for you to find the 10 best (worst) confirmation popups, so that you don’t have to:

The non-jobber

I don't want to land a second interviewIt’s best not to use a confirmation of which says “I don’t want to land a second interview” if they don’t sign up to your email listing. Unless of course, you want people to never return to your site..

Scoring a date

I enjoy being alone

I’m not too sure signing up to your email listing will ensure that I’ll score a date, but it was a nice of you to think about me.

Health is hard, so download this PDF!

I like to make bad choices

..and if you don’t download this PDF – you’ve made a bad choice son! Negativity in confirmation popups is never nice, especially if you’re suggesting that your user will be making a bad choice if they don’t download something that you’d like them to.. and ESPECIALLY when it’s a health website that is saying it.

Socks and sandals crowd

Just socks and sandals

“The average man owns 12 pairs of shoes” I’m not entirely sure about that, but if so – would signing up to an email subscription for suggestions on 12 more pairs of shoes really be worth it? There is however nothing wrong with socks and sandals, Esquire.

Hitting those down when they’re down

Keep procrastinating

“Oh, you haven’t signed up to our weight loss plan yet? You must be procrastinating, no other way about it”

Exclusive recipes or a microwave dinner

Microwave dinner tonight

Although exclusive and simple dinners for one sound enticing, I think I’ll stick with the microwave dinner.

Don’t be “that guy”

Sticking it to the latest Adam Sandler films

Sign up, unless you’re “that guy” who too watches nothing but Adam Sandler films. Hey, I quite like Grown Ups and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

Ikea, how dare thou?

Swinging by Ikea

The ultimate DIY guide! Includes furniture fittings, as well as nuts and bolts. Poor Ikea.

That soap scum

That soap scum

A bit extreme, but I’m sure they mean it in a technical way though, right?

Look what it’s come down to

Language bird is crying

How times have changed, now if you’re not tipped with the latest knowledge on the Italian language this bird will eat a.. poison loaf of bread?! Save the poor bird before the graphics designer gets to it!