Upon coming across the term link juice, I first heard it being said by a member of staff within the office. I expected it was some sort of in-the-know slang to those in the world of digital marketing and SEO, little did I know it was something of quite significance.

Infographic: What is Link Juice
Figure 1: Infographic: What is Link Juice?

It’s been a month since I last posted my first Route 404 blog post, and since then I’ve learnt a lot more about the world of SEO & digital marketing than I previously knew at the time of publishing my first blog post onto the Silkstream website. In my first blog post, I wrote about learning about link building, keyword targeting and how ranking works on a search engine. Since then I have expanded that knowledge to delve into the world of Google Analytics. With a Google Analytics account set up for me by Leigh (Silkstream’s Director) I went on to then discover the functions analytics offers, viewing the audience and acquisition of traffic that the Silkstream site receives and understanding the terms related to it. Terms such as sessions, users, page views and bounce rate.

I also have published two additional blog posts since then, one is titled “10 Millionaires who were once an apprentice” where I discovered 10 millionaires that first came to find their place as an apprentice in their individual industries – this was written in celebration of National Apprenticeship Week 2016. This ran from the 14th to the 18th of March.

10 Millionaires who were once an apprentice
Figure 2: Blog post: 10 Millionaires who were once an apprentice.

I also wrote a blog post on the advance of encryption within e-commerce, in which an industry-wide stance has decided it’s high time to upgrade their payment systems to a SHA-256 certificate to increase online security. I also mentioned in this blog post that ‘The Payment Card Industry’ had announced that as an industry all old version of TLS (Transport Layer Security – a protocol used to encrypt data sent to a site) will be made redundant by January 2018 and all organisations that handle financial information online will have to update to TLS 1.2 by that said date.

Safer Pay: Advanced Encryption
Figure 3: Blog Post: The Advance on Encryption Continues.

**Both these two blog posts mentioned are aside from my regular Route 404 posts, in which I write about what I have discovered and learnt over the past few weeks (Like this article right here!)

Most recently, I edited the PPC page of the Silkstream website to add some well needed search engine optimisation. This included, but not limited to: a new meta description, page heading, browser title, images, a new thumbnail and the content within the page itself. I also compiled a list of target keywords that I wanted to focus on increasing page rank for, using Moz to track my rankings on the SERPs. Later this week I’ll find out whether the target keywords I’ve decided to focus on have seen their position within the search engine improve.

Silkstream PPC SEO
Figure 4: An overview of modifications and changes made to Silkstream’s PPC site page.

Until next time..!