So today is a big day for me here at Silkstream. It’s officially been a year since I started my Social Media for business apprenticeship, which means that my time here is up and I will no longer be in the office to write sarcastic, pun filled, gif embedded posts for you all. Try not to be too sad about that.

As some of you may remember, I left college in October 2014 to begin my apprenticeship with 3aaa academy and to come and work for Silkstream. I have been very lucky to be able to work here for the past year, and the experience I have gained has enabled me to land myself my new job, which I am very much looking forward to starting. Yes, as of Monday I will officially be the Digital Marketing Coordinator for a popular Essex based shopping centre, intu Lakeside!

I am very excited to start my new journey and can’t wait to see where my digital marketing career will lead me in the future. By starting out in this field at a considerably young age of 17, I am hoping that my apprentice role at Silkstream will have given me a head start in the working world, and will lead me on to reaching my full potential within marketing in the future.

‘What’s the best way to celebrate?’ you may ask. Doughnuts, of course. Here at the Silkstream office, we like to celebrate in (doughnut) style.

But now from me on my last ever day in the Silkstream office…

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