SEO Hipster

Are you an SEO hipster?

Hipster Definition(Thanks, Google…)


Organic Traffic

You like your food like you like your traffic: Organic.

Art of SEO

You’ve just bought the 2009 first edition copy of The Art of SEO? How vintage…

Handlebar Moustache

You rocked the handlebar moustache before Rand made it cool.

Skinny Jeans

Your jeans might be skinny but your content certainly isn’t!

Laughing Emoji

You laugh at social media marketers who don’t know how to search optimise their social content.

Pigeon Costume

You’re totally going to a Halloween party this year dressed as some obscure SEO reference.

Work for Google

You make your job sound cooler than it actually is when you’re explaining it to your friends and family.

Black Hat Gangsta

You lurk like a gangsta…

Underground Tools

You use underground SEO tools that don’t even rank in Google because they’re so underground. You’ve even made some of your own in basic Python.

Blog Copying

Ever since you blogged that case study, everyone’s copying your style.
#sigh “Hey guys, that’s duplicate content IRL yo!”

Mozbot Roger Hipster

You’re a Moz Pro customer because they have hella cool branding.


The colour of your hat is important to you. Like that old black hat you bought second hand as a conversation starter at parties.
“I live on the edge. Even do some directory link building from time to time…”

Hipster Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio says you’re an
“SEO Rockstar, Website Whisperer & Part Time Panda Petting Farmer.”
(Or contains the word “enthusiast”.)

SEO Report

You type up your SEO reports in Helvetica.
Or Helvetica Neue.

Retro Filters

You Photoshopped your own profile pictures for social media using retro filters.

You don’t tell your clients how you spend their time because “they would’t understand”.

You still hang out on Google+ discussing the latest in SEO. ‘Cause you just can’t let Google+ die!

Your content always goes viral.

In the words of Matt Cutts, the greatest SEO hipster of them all…


  1. Oh yeah I am a SEO hipster and I also rock the Mustaches. I might not look like one but I do work like one. Its all about art. I really liked that, I work for google. It is really fun to describe the line of work.