Silkstream were asked to create a brand new brochure website for Background Music Systems, to promote the company’s brand to their target businesses online. The website has to be mobile-friendly so that users are able to browse the website from any device. (As all websites should be these days…)

What is Background Music Systems?

Background Music Systems provide a background music solution to businesses (such as restaurants, pubs and shops) using the award-winning soundjack background music tablet. Using the device, businesses are able to curate and schedule the music played at their venue or even allow their customers to interact with the background music at the venue using the free mobile app. With over 5 million songs available, with all the latest hits updated weekly.

The Design

(Click image to expand homepage design:)

Background Music Systems Homepage Web DesignThe homepage is colourful and eye-catching with a modern web design that comes to life with CSS animation, and highlights the key features of Background Music Systems’ business in an easily digestible layout. The wide imagery and “hero banner” welcomes new users to the website and features a “Try Now” call-to-action upfront and centre to encourage users to contact.

The homepage fills you in on the service that Background Music Systems provide. Social links in the footer allow users to connect with Background Music Systems on social media.

Background Music Nav Dropdown

When you hover over the Background Music tab in the navigation, the dropdown menu appears showing all the types of businesses that Background Music Systems caters to.

Background Music Systems Landing Page Design

Each landing page targeting the types of businesses explains the benefits of using Background Music Systems at their venue with a “Try Now” Call-To-Action at the top of the page and a “Make an Enquiry” Call-To-Action at the bottom of the page’s content. The buttons are clear and their placements on the page make it that much easier for the user to contact Background Music Systems just at the deciding points of their user experience.

The information about the soundjack app answers the customer’s “how” question, and this section of the page is consistent throughout all landing pages on the website.

Background Music Systems Contact Page

The Call-To-Action buttons take you to the website’s Contact page where businesses can contact Background Music Systems directly via phone, mail or a simple contact form. A Google Map of Background Music Systems’ physical address is embedded onto the Contact page not only to further legitimise the business but also to help those who are actively looking for directions to the business’ address.

Background Music Systems Mobile

On mobile and tablet devices, the responsive website looks and feels fantastic. The “hamburger icon”, when tapped, opens up the navigational menu on the right hand side of the screen making browsing the website a breeze on all size screens. The website’s content resizes and shuffles around to the best fit on the user’s screen.