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A Week To Celebrate..

As you may or may not know, today (9th March) commences the launch of National Apprenticeship Week, 2015 in the UK! This, of course, can only mean that it’s time to gather up all the Apprentices across the UK for a massive, wild and crazy party! Only kidding. That would be fun though.

After leaving college a year early, I went for an interview for a Social Media apprenticeship with Luke at 3AAA training academy in Chelmsford.
My interview took place in September, just weeks in to my second year at college, the place which I knew wasn’t right for me any more. After a hopeful and successful interview with Luke at the academy, the 3AAA team soon became my new best friends when they managed to bag me an interview with Leigh here at Silkstream. To my surprise, I received a phone call from Luke soon after saying that Leigh wanted to take me on!

With the good news ringing fresh in my ears, I went to my night shift at my local Mcdonalds that evening and handed in my resignation for once my shift that day had finished. I’m not kidding either. That did actually happen, and it was the best feeling ever. No more green uniform or chip smell, hurrah!

Little did I know that 5 months down the line I would have been given the amazing opportunities which I have had here at Silkstream, or that I would learn more in my first 5 months than I did in the whole of my first year studying A levels at college.

But what’s the point in #NAW2015?

Reading this you’re probably thinking, ok yeah but what actually is the point of #NAW2015?
For me, National Apprenticeship Week is a chance to celebrate the opportunities that us apprentices have been given, and share them with whoever we can. To motivate and inspire other young people across the UK and prove that apprenticeships aren’t just for aspiring plumbers, or those who didn’t quite make the grades to get in to college. Apprenticeships are for those who dare to be different and take a path other than uni, those who want to put themselves out there and gain valuable work experience and most importantly, those who want to work for and kick-start their future.

Who knows? The gateway to your dream job could be just around the corner, which is better than it being stuck inside your in-class daydream at college, huh?

Motivational speeches aside, let us embrace #NAW2015 while it lasts, in the way that it should be embraced.