Surely it can’t be?!

Well, you’re right..but we can still pretend, can’t we?
As we dip in to day two of National Apprenticeship Week 2015, it’s time to start thinking about what apprenticeship is right for you, and the different categories of apprenticeships which you can find and apply for. Don’t threat, apprenticeships really aren’t all about labouring work, you can pretty much find one in anything! And what better way is there to research than to see what your favourite cartoon characters would be doing as apprentices? I cant think of one either..

Leisure, Travel and Tourismspongebob cooking gif'

Whoooo lives in a pineapple under the sea? *SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS*.
Our funny spongy friend who we all know (and love?) works at his local burger grill, The Krusty Krab. With his fun loving attitude and passion for customer service, I can see potential in this yellow fellow for an apprenticeship role in the Travel, Leisure and Tourism category. It would be perfect for him, don’t you think?

Science and Mathematics phineas-and-ferb-working

Arguably Disney’s favourite sibling duo, Phineas and Ferb are famous for their impressive inventions, and inability to get caught while making them. After 219 episodes of wowing us from behind our screens, I think they’ve proved themselves as being quality additions to apprentices in the Science and Mathematics category. With all that additional training, I dread to think what they would create next..

Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care

Ah, Snow White, the cartoon world’s face of innocence. Snow is an overall caring person. I mean looking after 7 dwarves must be tiring for the poor girl, but this still doesn’t stop her from looking after all of the animals in the forest while she’s there. They just love her and her sweet singing voice, but who can really blame them? She’s the perfect candidate for an apprenticeship in the Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal care category!

Health, Public Services and Caresebastian-little-mermaid

Under the sea, under the sea ♪♫
Our fish loving, fiery friend Sebastian tries to guide a fearless princess Ariel on to the right track as she goes through her adventures, and rebels against her father. Sebastian is always there for Ariel, and always wants what is best for her. Although he gets frustrated sometimes, he’s always there at the end of the day to pick up the pieces and try to make things better. This is exactly why Sebastian would be great for a care apprenticeship within the Health, Public Services and Care category.

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologieshomer-simpson-working

Although Homer Simpson is not exactly the working type, he still works in the power plant in Springfield. I’m not exactly sure what kind of job is perfect for homer, as he doesn’t really seem to be very good at doing much other than drinking beer and eating donuts. But, he seems to be happy enough at the power plant, which is why I think Homer should do an apprenticeship in the Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies category. You never know, he could even learn a thing or two!

Education and Trainingmaster-shifu-training

Po the panda would have never got to be the kung-fu genius he is today if it wasn’t for his training master Shifu. Shifu trained Po up from a chef, showing the dedication and motivation that he has for his students. If Shifu was an apprentice, I have no doubt that it would be in the Education and training category!

Business, Administration and Lawlion-king-simba

After the sad passing of his dad Mufasa, Simba is left with the responsibility of becoming king and running their kingdom. Once he has grown from a cub to a lion, Simba shows his passion and enthusiasm for the running the kingdom and making sure things go smoothly, and of course that he keeps trouble (scar) out. He is an admired leader, and for this exact reason, I think Simba would be perfect for an apprenticeship in the Business, Administration and Law category.

Retail and Commercial Enterprise cinderella-fairy-godmother-gif (1)

After a disastrous beginning to the evening, Cinderella’s fairy god mother shows she really is a fashion guru! Lucky for Cinders, her fairy god mother was on hand to turn her gown from rags to riches, and help her to impress Prince Charming at the ball. Because of this, I see no apprenticeship more perfect for this magical woman than one in the Retail and Commercial enterprise category, so she can continue to make people’s days and help them to shine!

Arts, Media and PublishingSquidward-dancing-art

Bikini Bottom’s very own Squidward Tentacles really has a passion for art, dance and music. His passion alone is all that is needed to persuade me that he is the best candidate for the Arts, Media and Publishing apprenticeship category! Sometimes passion really is all that it takes..

Construction, Planning and the Built Environmentfred-filnstone

Fred Flintstone and his family live in the Stone ages, the days where there was actually no technology!*Gasp* I assume this meant they had to build and create just about everything for themselves, with the natural resources that they had. To me, that’s impressive enough to warrant himself a place as a Construction, Planning and the Built Environment apprentice!

Information and Communication Technologybmo-adventure-time-gif

BMO is Jake and Finn’s cute little computer friend. Apart from the obvious fact that BMO actually is a computer, BMO is also characterized as loyal, trusting, and helpful, which makes it ideal for being an Information and Communication Technology apprenticeship candidate!

So, was your favourite cartoon character listed above? If not, let us know in the comments who it is and what apprenticeship you think would be perfect for them! But, from me on #NAW2015 Day 2..