UK Flood Defences were after a simple website to promote their services and products online. Adam and Tristan were happy to help!

Who are UK Flood Defences?

UK Flood Defences Ltd are an Essex-based flood defence company who provide cost-effective flood and barrier solutions to members of the public, businesses, councils, housing associations and Environment agencies in the UK and worldwide.

UK Flood Defences Web Design

The Design

UK Flood Defences now has a small brochure website with product pages, “about” pages, a photo gallery, information pages regarding their services, and contact page. The design is quite minimalist and themed to the industry

Product pages are rich in informative content, including a description, technical information and the benefits of each product.

UK Flood Defences Web Design

The product overview page also embeds an informative, branded video by UK Flood Defences Ltd, which serves to demonstrate their defence systems right there on the page, so their potential customers can get an idea of the process involved.

UK Flood Defences Website Video

The website also includes information pages on who their services can help, with a separate page each targeted to a specific buyer profile. The “Who We Help” overview includes an eye-catching “Make An Enquiry” call-to-action to ensure that potential customers who may be lost or in need of some additional information won’t drop out too quickly and have a clear way of contacting UK Flood Defences Ltd to acquire the information that they need.

UK Flood Defences Web Design

The website’s photo gallery provides a highly visual element to the website, where visitors to the website can browse examples of UK Flood Defences products and the way in which their team operates. The grid layout of the photos means that visitors can easily find a visual demonstration of the product or service’s feature that they’re interested in among the other photos in the gallery.

UK Flood Defences Web Design

When clicked, each image opens up as a high quality image for the website visitor to inspect.

UK Flood Defences Photo Gallery

Team members are able to upload a photograph of themselves and a short bio of who they are and their experience in the industry to add a human touch to the website so that visitors can get an idea of who’s behind the company, what makes them qualified, and be assured by the company’s level of professionalism.

UK Flood Defences Web Design

The contact page is a crucial component to any business’ website. The enquiry form allows visitors to quickly get in touch with the company. Other contact details are also listed beside the form so that visitors have a choice of communication methods that would best suit them.

UK Flood Defences Web Design

UK Flood Defences Mobile Web Design

UK Flood Defences’ new website, like all of Silkstream’s websites, will even work perfectly when being browsed from any mobile device thanks to our responsive website design! The website’s layout adjusts to the screen resolution to ensure that the visitor sees a layout optimised to their device no matter what device they’re browsing from. This means that UK Flood Defences’ potential customers will be able to locate all the information they want, and enquire about UK Flood Defences’ products and services as easily as they could on a desktop, without the hassle of inconvenient multi-directional scrolling. Navigation made easy!

The header menu is hidden behind a tap of the top menu button, ensuring that the website’s content doesn’t clutter the user’s mobile screen.

Click for a closer inspection:

UK Flood Defences Web Design