HTML was originally invented over twenty years ago and there hasn’t been an update in the last decade, (which in internet terms is forever) but the latest version, HTML5, brings a number of new attributes and elements that more readily encompass the way the internet is progressing. When HTML was invented there was no way to integrate working video into it so external companies developed their own video players to work around the problem such as Adobe Flash Player and Windows Media Player. This works ok, however these players are downloadable plug-in files which can cause potential virus threats and will need updating to latest versions regularly to work properly. HTML5 is tackling this problem by incorporating video into its code with the help of javascript and CSS3 so these plug-ins won’t be necessary.

HTML5 also plans to add lots more new cool stuff that is usually pretty tricky or sometimes just plain impossible to code such as audio, animations, drag and drop, editable web page content and browser storage.

Still in development, HTML5 isn’t quite finished but the browsers are all working together to implement some of the features. The overall aim for HTML5 is that someday it will provide a standard and consistent web experience across all devices and browsers.

Despite the fact that HTML5 is still in its early stages there are already some great websites out there that are taking advantage of the new coding and we have chosen some of our favourites as listed below to give you an idea of what to expect from your browsing experience in the near future.


Tristan Sachs – Web Developer
Tristans Choice: Angry Birds Space


Steve Edwards – Lead Web Developer
Steves Choice: The Expressive Web


Adam Bird – Web Designer
Adams Choice: Babel the King


Randal Whitmore – Online Marketing
Randals Choice: Madmanimation


Hayley Reeve – Search Analyst
Hayleys Choice: Project Prometheus

Leigh Mason – Project Manager & Founder
Leighs Choice: Google Art Project