If you don’t provide enough genuine high quality content or offer your website visitors something different they will probably look elsewhere.

With a well thought out SEO strategy you can certainly drive traffic to your website, but there are three basic content mistakes many ecommerce websites tend to make. Any combination of these could result in you losing sales from the traffic you have worked so hard to gain.

Too Much Content

As we all now understand the concept that ‘content is king’ we update our sites as often as possible with fresh, new and unique content that helps us stand out as an authority in our niche. Right? Wrong… Sadly one of the most common mistakes made is that ecommerce blog owners will push out post after post of low quality content which is often unfocused on achieving any goal whatsoever. This confuses not only your users but also the search engines as they struggle to understand exactly what your flimsy content is about.

Keyword Spamming

One of the most important aspects of SEO on any ecommerce website is getting your keywords right. Placing your keywords in specific places across your site you will help the search engines understand what terms you wish to rank highly for. Keywords are very necessary but they are almost always overused. Keywords should be placed at the beginning of your title tag, in your H1 and H2 tags and usually approx 3-4 times in the main content of your page. Stuffing your page with keywords is like a big red flag to search engines and can also lose you sales as visitors will think the site looks too spammy and click the back button.

No Calls to Action

Make it really easy for your users to know what to do next from any page on your website. But don’t fill your page with too many calls to action as this can seem confusing or pushy.

Q: How many of these basic mistakes are you making on your ecommerce website?


  1. I see so many commerce sites where the product descriptions are just copied from other sites – not good for SEO!

  2. Yes, another mistake many ecommerce websites make is to include the manufacturers product description as their own. This results in many websites with the same products and of course the same descriptive text. Nice point Jenni, thanks for your comment.

  3. I think without good shopping cart software, it’s much more difficult to alter and change aspects of your site when and where you need it.