Trust Rank

Q. How do I find who the trusted sites are?

A. This is a great resource: – you can punch in a URL and view both page and domain rank – the higher the number the better.

Keyword Research

Q. I’m not sure what a bookmark is? 

A. This is when you add a favourite web page to your browser’s bookmark facility or use a social bookmark tool like 

Q. What is the formula for the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)

A. Monthly Searches (S) squared divided by 1,000 – the total is divided by your directly competing websites (C). Can be shown like this: (S^2/1000)/C 

Q. Could you give me a brief description of The Long Tail again please.

A. The Longtail illutrates the principal of more keywords used within a search query will have an increased chance of conversion. For example, the key phrease "Best price for Nikon D90 UK" (6 key words) is more likely to achive a conversion than a key phrase consisting of fewer keywords i.e. "Nikon Cameras". 

On-page optimisation

Q. What is robots.txt?

A text file which provides instructions to web bots (the programs that crawl and index your website) about your website. See here for more info

Q. What is the Webmaster Tools Account? I wrote in my notes that I need it but I’m not 100% sure what it is!!! 

A. It’s a freely available tool from Google ( which is a great for measuring the effectiveness of your SEO and general health of your website.






  1. Hi,
    \nI just wondered how your CMS handles duplicate content, I know other systems produce session ID’s etc. which causes lots of duplicate pages on Google.
    \nHow do you combat that please?