There are millions of products available to buy online. If you set up your e-commerce website simply to sell your products and nothing else you wont get very far. Creating good content does not just mean simply blogging about your latest promotions or company news. Consider writing some ‘how to’ content. Tips and tricks or advice pages will work really well to attract new clients that may not have ever considered visiting your website previously. I once worked on an e-commerce website where a ‘how to’ advice page was the second highest landing page after the homepage pulling in thousands of potential customers monthly. Typically an advice page will produce a high bounce rate as most people visiting these pages are obviously looking for advice and not looking to spend money, but you would be suprised how many conversions are possible with a few strategically placed ‘calls to action’. Even 1% of 2000 visitors converts into 20 sales you would not otherwise have made.

Keep it unique

One of the most important things to consider when creating content is to keep it unique. If people are searching for something they dont want to read the same thing as the website they’ve just left. Your content should be grammatically correct to hold your professional authority, and easy to understand. If you use any topic specific words take the time to explain them so people who may be unfamiliar to the industry will understand. It is also important to keep your blog titles specific to your industry to ensure that the people who are reading your articles are also the same type of people who would be interested in buying your products.

Moving away from blogging and article writing, there are many other ways of creating valuable content. Here are just a handful:


  • Customer reviews and testimonials – These will help build trust with new visitors to your site
  • FAQ’s page – This format is perfect for people that just need an answer to an obvious question
  • Newsletters – Weekly or monthly email newsletters reminding previous customers of new promotions
  • RSS Feeds – Create industry specific feeds and share them
  • Video – Also a good trust builder for new visitors. Film any events and encourage customers to tell their story.
  • Sharing – Point to other great content that has been produced elsewhere


Short of Ideas?

Creating original rich content can become difficult after time. If you feel you are running out of ideas, ask your friends, colleagues and customers what they would like to read about. There are so many ways you can create content without having to be too creative. You could try asking a question and compiling your answers into an article. You can publish a ‘Top Ten’ article which requires little creativity yet brings thanks from all whom you feature and which may be reciprocated elsewhere. Also, the one thing people love to read about more than business success is business failure. Create a post about one of your more challenging experiences and what you have learned from it.

Finally, always try to update your content as often as possible so as to encourage people to become regular visitors to your website. This encourages more exposure to the products and services you offer which will in turn increase sales.

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