With regard to websites, it’s tempting to try and satisfy each visitor by cramming your page with text, images, promotions and more. Resulting in a very “noisy” page. It’s often difficult to understand what the website is about and thus visitors become confused and often leave. You have a very small amount of time to capture your visitor’s attention.

A great way (which is often underestimated) to convey both your message and keep visitors on your site is to use great images. By “great” I mean taking the time to photograph or source large, in-focus and detailed photographs.

Photos taken on your mobile phone will not cut it! If you can’t source quality product images from your suppliers I would recommend using the services of a commercial photographer who understands lighting, composition and getting the most from an image.

Here are some "before and after" examples to illustrate my point:








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  1. I’m very glad that I came across your site. Your tips are very useful. I totally agree that we should not overcrowd our sites with so many pictures and stuff. It’s annoying. Your site looks great by the way. Nice layout! The picture samples are amazing too. They totally prove a point. I think I should really put this in mind. I’m thinking of a new design for my blog and it’s about online MBA. I’m thinking of just a simple look. Glad to visit your site. I would be happy to read more blogs from you.