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If you’re running a business, whether small or medium-sized, it’s important that you assess the situation as to whether you’re saving money and how best to optimise the funds that you’re using. Every business is faced with two options – whether that is to hire internally/keep staff within your organisation dedicated to digital marketing services or to outsource such services to another more tailored company that may be dedicated to such art. Outsourcing doesn’t always sound like a pleasant and positive way of dealing with things, but the reasons as to why you should outsource your digital marketing to an agency might just be.

So what reasons make outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency worthwhile?

A Dedicated & Expert Team

If you’re outsourcing to a digital marketing agency, digital marketing is what their whole company will be revolving around, thus you won’t get better service than going straight to the source. Staff at a digital marketing company will be clued up in all the various techniques and other accompanying services that may come in need for your company in the future, such as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising or various types of content creation.

When you’ve got a digital marketing guru hired in-house, the skills of which they may hold could be limited to the job that you’ve got them dealing with. Unfortunately, unlike working for a digital marketing agency, the opportunity for them to pick up on new skills can be sorely hindered from the isolation of not being around a likeminded digital marketing team nor would they have the experience that would be acquired from working on various clients through numerous campaigns – many of which can give an improved insight that only those who work for a digital marketing agency would receive.


Although outsourcing isn’t all about money, money can play a big part in it. Through outsourcing your digital marketing, you could find yourself paying for a service carried out by digital marketing professionals external from your organisation for half or even quarter the price that you’d pay an employee a month. Though, if you already have staff hired at your organisation to deal with digital marketing, we don’t condone dropping valuable team members on the spot in order to delve right into outsourcing.

You will also save money through not needing to buy additional marketing software that may be used to achieve your companies goals, whilst additional marketing-related training will no longer be necessary for such employees. Such costs will already be remedied through the digital marketing agency.

Access To The Best Technology

By utilising a digital marketing agency, you can be certain you’ll no longer need to be the one keeping up with the latest technology, software and integrations in the digital marketing world. Simply, you’ll now be able to leave it down to those that know their stuff. As many digital marketers like to keep on top of the latest trends, the cost-benefit will be significantly more from outsourcing than it would if you had an onboard digital marketer working on limited funds. You’ll also have your company and their campaign submerged into some of the best digital marketing technology and software that there is on the market, which can only be a positive factor for achieving any targets.

Better Perspective

Those working outside of your company may not know everything about your company, but they will have the outside-looking-in approach at what you could do better marketing-wise, something of which every business should value. With an in-house digital marketing team, those employees may be swayed a bit towards the status quo and decide not to take risks on their marketing tactics due to the fear of ruining things at the company they’re working for or causing problems for the team. They may also decide, unfortunately, to make life easier for themselves in all that they do. With a fresh perspective, looking in, you’ll be able to achieve a more defined outcome for your digital marketing scheme of things, with a more optimised marketing effort and a unique approach.

Optional Involvement Levels

When someone else has control of your digital marketing, the heavy work isn’t on you – but on them. This allows you to choose how much time you want to dedicate to the digital marketing campaign and whether you want to hand full control or most of the control to the digital marketing agency. Many agencies are open to allowing you to put as much input as you wish into the campaigns of which they’ll run, as long as you don’t hinder their progress for your site or campaign. As you can choose to be hands-off when it best satisfies, you won’t be pressured to make decisions that you don’t wish to make, leaving that to the talented expertise of the outsourced team.

Save Valuable Time

By utilising a digital marketing agency or service, one great advantage is the time it’ll free up for you to carry out other activities and tasks that can be of more importance. The time that you save can come through the lack of no longer needing to train staff members in the array of digital marketing techniques that are necessary, the time and dedication that would be needed to source and hire the staff appropriate for your companies digital marketing team and any extra time that would otherwise be used to overlook the marketing that is being carried out for your organisation.

From a dedicated and expert team that holds a plethora of experience directly relating to the digital marketing industry, to access to a tailored company that can bring with it a better perspective to your businesses’ campaigns, the reasons to outsource your digital marketing to an agency are many.

At Silkstream, we offer a variety of efficient and measurable digital marketing services that work towards increasing your revenue and achieving the objectives that your business may hold. From SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Content creation, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) services and much more, you’re certain to find a forward-thinking digital marketing agency that is willing to help you take your online presence forward.

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