Silkstream were asked to design and develop a mobile-friendly, new website for The Lining Company. Bernstein & Banleys Ltd required a bespoke system that runs off of an import file automatically generated by their in-house stock system. The system would allow them to import all of their products from their existing system and automatically keep all the stock listed on their website in line with their actual stock. As you can imagine, this automation significantly reduces their admin time, allowing them to focus on more important things such as providing a high level of service to their customers.

Who is The Lining Company?

Bernstein & Banleys Ltd, trading as The Lining Company, has been established for over 60 years. Over the decades, they have earned a high reputation as one of the leading suppliers of top quality linings and trimmings – supplying fashion designers, couture houses, bridal and dress makers, costumiers for theatre and opera houses, and bespoke tailors. Such a high reputation necessitates a high quality website to match.

The Homepage Design

(Click image to expand homepage design:)

The Lining Company new web design

The navigation menu is broken down simply to five clear categories but upon hovering over each category, a dropdown menu is displayed giving customers easy navigation to the specific subcategory that they’re looking for:

The Lining Company Navigation Menu

Below their welcome display, they immediately assure new website visitors with their trust factors and unique selling points, such as 5* reviews and next day delivery. Above this, two videos can be clicked to watch, which dims the website in the background and displays their YouTube videos on the website:

The Lining Company YouTube video

The homepage also shows a couple of sliders which slide between the different categories and new products, to visually highlight pages that the visitor might be interested in, as well as a brief couple of paragraphs about The Lining Company.

The Category Design

The Lining Company category design

The category design is very simple, but has a highly tactile aesthetic. Coupled with the stunning fabric photography supplied by The Lining Company, the end result is a very luxurious visual that appeals to the customer.

The Subcategory Design

The subcategory design is quite similar to that of the category design:

The Lining Company Subcategory Design

The Sub-subcategory Design

The sub-subcategory design displays a list of the products within that sub-subcategory:

The Lining Company Subsubcategory Design

Due to the type of the products on the website, there’s no need for typical ecommerce product pages, but customers can click the thumbnail to view a close-up of the product, with the webpage dimmed in the background as with the videos:

The Lining Company product images

Customers can enter their order quantity and the pricing will update automatically to reflect the amount entered before they add it to their basket:

The Lining Company product quantity options

They will then see an option pop up to either continue browsing or proceed straight to checkout:

The Lining Company Add To Basket

The Basket Design

Once the customer is ready for checkout, they can go to their Basket and review and update the quantity of any products they have added to their basket, or choose to remove them completely:

The Lining Company Basket

After the customer has reviewed their order, they can enter any promotional codes that they might have and calculate the total cost including delivery to their country. The page lists beneath the basket other products that the customer may be interested in should they choose to continue shopping.

The Sample Request Page

Customers can also click on “Request a sample” listed in the utility links at the top navigation menu to fill in a short form,

The Lining Company sample request design

The Contact Page

The contact page also provides The Lining Company’s customers with an easy way to contact them:

The Lining Company contact page

Customers can reach out via a simple enquiry form, send mail or call them. The interactive Google map embed at the top of the page also allows the customer to get quick directions to the business location.

Other pages include Information (so that customers can learn more about The Lining Company) and Customer Care pages such as:

  • Conditions of Use
  • Cookie Usage
  • Privacy Notice
  • Shipping & Returns

Through the Silkstream CMS, The Lining Company will be able to add more pages themselves in-house if they wish.

The Blog

The Lining Company also have a WordPress blog installed, so that they can update their customers on the latest news and collections:

The Lining Company blog

And it’s all mobile-friendly!

Mobile-friendliness is an important ranking factor for Google Mobile, so having a mobile-friendly website is a big deal for SEO. And, thanks to responsive web design, we have built The Lining Company’s new website to be 100% responsive!

So, whether their customers are using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, they are free to browse and shop with ease – no having to pinch and swipe all over the place to find the products they’re looking for! No matter what size the screen, The Lining Company’s new website will automatically resize and move elements around to ensure that it looks the business on any device.

The Lining Company mobile