Despite the fact that it may feel like we’ve had Google’s familiar coloured logo on our screens forever, the time has come to bid farewell to our old friend and welcome the new kid on the block. Yep. Google recently got a new logo, and it kinda looks like they’ve had a mid-life crisis and are clinging on to their youth. Nevertheless, I personally really like it. Although arguably immature looking, it’s refreshing to see modernised changes as Google continue onwards following the launch of their new parent company, Alphabet in August 2015. As we’ve recently seen, every now and then Google like to change things up a little and give their logo a re-vamp, which makes this the perfect opportunity to take a look back at the previous versions of the Google logo.



In 1997 the Google logo was very microsoft word-art looking, which isn’t surprising considering Google only launched as ‘Google’ in 1996, after previously being called ‘Backrub’. Thankfully, 18 years later, it doesn’t look like this anymore.



1998 gave us a slightly less vibrant and incredibly less chunky Google logo. Although they stuck to their brand colours, the order in which the colours were used got shifted around a little. We also lost the slanted effect and gained front facing typography, which gave Google a more serious and higher authority look.



In 1999 the Google logo underwent another redesign, this time facing another colour order reshuffle and an oh-so exciting exclamation mark to end with. But of course this wasn’t the end. Google still had plenty more changes up their sleeve before we reached the Google logo we all see on our screens today…



In 1999 the Google logo had another redesign, this time taking a new direction. It was this design that resulted in it looking a little more like what we were used to, until just recently. As you can see, the font has been modified in this design, resulting in a smoother and thinner look; but not all was changed. The drop shadow behind the text still remained, as well as the colour order of the letters staying the same.



From 2010-2013 Google made another change to their logo, this time being small and subtle. The iconic drop shadow effect we were all familiarised with disappeared, leaving a cleaner and arguably modernised look. Google also enhanced the vibrancy of the colours in their logo, leaving an eye catching finish.


In 2013 Google faced us with another logo change, this time affecting both the colours and the preexisting use of a beveled font. Although using the same key Google colours in the same order, this time they were dimmed back down so that the colours used were not as rich.



And here we are with the Google logo we have today. Something a little different to what we were used to seeing, bringing us a completely new font and another adjustment to the tones of the colours used. It’s a little bit like marmite, if you know what I mean…

Some of us take longer than others to adapt to change. Some of us couldn’t care less what the Google logo looks like. As long as it does what it’s built to do, it doesn’t matter. Right? But for the remainder of us, it’s going to give us a startle every time we open Chrome for at least another month or so.

So, what’s next Google?