social media training essex

What does social media training cover?

  • How to make an account (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc)
  • How to use Social Analytics
  • Increasing Brand Awareness on Social Media
  • Increasing traffic to your Website through Social Media
  • How to find your target audience on Social Media
  • Building a Social Media Campaign
  • Answers to any questions you may have

Each business is unique, which is why it is important to tailor your social media strategy for your business. Our Social Media workshops will help you to understand how this can be done, and show you how your Social Media pages can be optimised to suit your business type. Social Media Training with Silkstream, is Social Media made easy!

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Why your Essex business needs Social Media Training

‘Anyone can write a Tweet, it’s not difficult’

As a social media consultant I often come across the frustrating argument that anyone can use social media, and in fact, most people do. Both you and I know that in this day and age, the majority of us have at least a Facebook and Twitter account to our name, whether they’re actively used or not. For personal use, Social media sites are pretty much used as a place to rant about our daily troubles, connect with friends and family and watch/share amusing videos of cats and/or people falling over. But is it really as simple as that when it comes to business? With Twitter limiting users to a 140 character limit to include the company message, appropriate hashtags, links, images etc. Is it really as simple as ‘just writing a tweet’?

Social Media Training Courses help you to find your audience:

Without finding your target audience online, social media could be considered a waste of time. For example, if you’re a car insurance company, there’s no point targeting all users of social media when those under the age of 17 are unable to drive, and many others above this age can not drive, or do not own a car. It’s knowing how and where to find your target market on social media which us Social media managers do best, and once we know where they are located, we can help you to work on creating the best content and marketing strategy to cater for their interests and draw in relevant traffic to your business.

Social media trends

As well as knowing what social media platforms are best to target your audience on, it’s important to keep your campaigns up to date with current trends, new platforms and technology. One minute your audience may be tweeting until their hands are numb, but two weeks later they could be all tweeted out and moved on to Instagram. Knowing where to reach out to your audience is vital, especially if this means that there’s a new popular platform that they are using. Any new Social Media Platforms are great, but worthless if they are not of use/relevance to your business type. Social Media training can help you determine this, as well as learn the etiquette within them.

Nothing on Social Media is unachievable

As with any technology, Social Media can be a little overwhelming at first. From learning the many do’s and don’t’s, basic functionalities and user interface to composing strategic marketing plans, Social Media training can be beneficial for any business. It may seem a little scary at first, and reaching your social media goals may seem like a long shot, but NOTHING on Social Media is impossible. Just ask this guy..


Not got time to do a Social Media Training course? Or to run the accounts yourself? We can do it for you!