..to Tesco Mobile. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?


Okay so maybe we’re being slightly dramatic. I’m not sure it’s classed an engagement exactly; Pft, B2B weddings are overrated anyway. However, it is true, us and Tesco Mobile are ‘Facey B official’ and all-sorts. And that’s about enough for us, for now.

Love at first sight

‘How did this love story all begin?’, you’re all wondering (probably not). Well children, it all began on April 8th 2015 when Chloe at Silkstream wrote a blog post about Tesco’s impressive social media teams. Naturally, we tweeted this out to both @Tesco and @TescoMobile, because well, if someone was writing things about us, we’d want to know too. #CuriosityKilledTheCat

So yeah, we did message them first. But sometimes you’ve just got to be brave and do these things..

To our pleasant surprise, @TescoMobile replied to our tweet telling us how they loved our blog *blushes and fangirls* and that thanks to us, they were expecting to receive an un-scheduled visit from the paparazzi at any moment. To which of course, we responded by saying..

#IHeardSainsburysDo.. We’re asking for trouble now, surely.. Of course, Tesco Mobile came back again, this time with an embarrassed response of:

Ah. Quick, time to turn the sweet talk on and get back on the Tesco Mobile good side. Because what if we upset Tesco Mobile, who then contact Tesco, get us banned from their conveniently placed stores and banish us to Sainsburys?! You’ve got to think about these things.

Smooth right? Well we thought so anyway, but I’m not sure Tesco Mobile were as impressed judging by this response..

FYI Tesco Mobile, you are our first Mobile Network interaction and we can’t believe you would even think that we would do that to you. *sigh* #ThesePhonesAintLoyal Quick somebody tag Chris Brown to see if he appreciates our reference..

Tesco Mobile then responded to our burning question with..

That’s right. You heard it here first. Tesco Mobile called us pro’s. But of course, we had to confirm that our heart lies with only one mobile network..

Time to slyly pop the question: Are we official yet? Everything seems more laid back in hashtag form, we kinda got a bit brave.. Nevertheless, Tesco came back with..

We did it! Tesco Mobile are upping their game, suggesting we update our ‘Facey B status’ and let everyone know that we’re an official item..And of course, we responded by saying..

So this was the end of our Silkstream love story..
It was an emotional roller coaster with our friends at Tesco Mobile, but we enjoyed every moment of it. And the conversation we had, just goes to further prove our theory that the Tesco Social media team really are great.