Ah Tesco, we do love you(r social media team)

Out of all the things you do with your free time, food shopping isn’t exactly what we all look forward to. Competitive prices, food flying off the shelves and screaming children throwing tantrums..Why, oh why would you sign yourself up for more than you already have to? Well, Tesco’s social media team have been spicing up our timelines with their arguably amusing puns and quirky sense of humour, which kinda makes us feel ok about the odd promo for this weeks special offer on Cornflakes.

Tesco Mobile Tweets

As well as raking in an impressive 287k followers on their main account- @Tesco, @TescoMobile have an equally impressive audience of 76.7k behind their screens waiting for some good old fashioned Twitter entertainment. Knowing how active Tesco’s SM team are, it’s not uncommon for users to reach out to Tesco’s Twitter accounts for Assistance, enquiries or just a general chit-chat, which consequently leads to some tweet triggered chuckles.

‘@TescoMobile tell me a joke’..
After being given an opportunity to let their inner comedians shine, there was no holding back from the team behind the @TescoMobile Twitter. They know who their competitors are, that we do too, and how to embrace that and use it to their advantage. Well played Tesco, when it comes to social awareness, Every Little (Tweet) Helps.


Responding to ‘Feedback’..
Obviously hot on brand mentions which haven’t been directly tagged, Tesco Mobile threw back a risky response at a badmouthing user shaming their brand. It seems they will not allow themselves to be laughed at, unless they directly provide the amusement of course..


If it’s not punny, it’s not funny..

Who doesn’t love puns?
We finish with some image friendly crackers that @Tesco have provided us with. I thank you Tesco, for fuelling my easily amused sense of humour.. Never change.

Princes..The Brand..Prince Charming..Get it? No?  

Not too sure about this one, sounds like a bit of a sticky situation.

Egg-cellent. (My puns are even worse than theirs)

And that is a beautiful shade of pink you’re wearing.

Puns are effective all year round you know, Valentine’s Day being no exception.

What do you mean you didn’t print this out and send it to your husband/wife?

..Cress, ah Tesco.

I suppose it wouldn’t have been as effective if it was spaghetti would it.

Bravo Tesco. Give your Social Media team a pat on the back..and a stage to practice their stand-up routines.