It’s April Fools Day and no, we’re not kidding! To celebrate everyone’s favourite day in April, Google are up to their annual prankster antics. Here are our Top 3, personal favourite Google pranks this year:

#1 Smartbox, by Inbox, by Gmail, by Google

Ever wanted to check your post without actually having to get out of bed?


Well thanks to Google, if you’re really that gullible, now you can!
Every year on April 1st, Google launch their April Fools day trick for the more easily convinced surfers of the internet, and of course, those who like to laugh at them for believing it.
This year, Gmail blessed us with Smartbox, by Inbox, by Gmail, by Google. Nicely timed alongside their new invitation only Inbox app, Smartbox offers ‘a better, smarter mailbox that fuses physical mail with everything you love about the electronic kind.’ Features of their wacky ‘new product’ include:

  • Temperature control to keep your post toasty in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Smart Folders to keep things organised.
  • Strong Filters to weed out spam, which just happens to be an electric shock system for all those pesky leaflet deliverers.

For some, Smartbox has been an emotional roller coaster:

Initially confused by a well put together promo video, Gmail left users wondering whether their Smartbox was actually an April fools day joke, or just badly timed. Surely they wouldn’t really bother to go through that much effort..would they?

Others took to the idea. I’m not sure if they are aware of Gmail’s master practical joke or not, but regardless, these guys couldn’t wait to pitch their Smartbox!

More confusion:
Yep. We are faced with yet more confusion as questions arise surrounding potential issues with Smartbox..But don’t worry all, it’s not real remember!

#2 Backwards Google

com.Google homepage

‘Silkstream Web Design’ search
 .sdrawkcab tib a smees gnihtyrevE .thgir ton s’gnihtemoS
As another part of their April Fools Day master plan, Google introduced com.Google. I wouldn’t exactly recommend it for every day browsing, unless you’re extremely skilled at backwards reading or just in to that kinda thing..

#3 Google Maps Pacman


*Sings theme tune in head*
One of our favourite Google April Fools Day stunts of this year is Google Maps’ Pacman! Once you open Google maps and put in your desired location (ours shown above is the area surrounding the Silkstream offices), hit the pacman icon and you’re good to go!

*sigh* Oh Google, do you see what you do to the internet?


                          Happy April Fools Day from all of us here at Silkstream!