I’ve been “researching” funny SEO comics on the internet and have compressed it down to what I believe are the top ten funniest SEO comics. I’ve searched through multiple websites and probably hundreds of comics, some weren’t that funny and some could barely be classed as SEO comics, so that you could have a quick lunchtime laugh or share it with your co-workers and nerdy SEO buddies on the internet. Enjoy!

In REVERSE ORDER, starting from the 10th funniest to the 1st….

Top 10 Funniest SEO Comics

SEO Celebrities Comic

1) Moz Fanboys at Digi-Fest 2014

We do love Rand and the rest of the Moz gang here over at Silkstream, but even we’ve got to admit… This obsession we have with SEO celebrities is a little strange. We reduce ourselves to little more than groupies, hanging on the every word of our favourite SEO rockstars.

Breakout Keyword Research Comic

2) Atari Breakout Keyword Research

What? You’ve never played Atari Breakout on Google? Go try it now! It pays to be one of the first results on Google if you’re targeting the keyword “Atari Breakout” for image SEO….

Singles Matching Search Engine Comic

3) Singles Matching Search Engine

What an amazing idea for a search engine! And as a singles matching service, it’s bound to have a 100% success rate. Emailing a historical list of my search queries to my mother? No thanks.

Dating Site SEO Comic

4) Dating Profile SEO

And the previous Dilbert SEO comic led me to this one…. Who would have thought that becoming an SEO expert can drastically improve your dating experience? Just be careful of keyword stuffing!

Disavow Links Comic

5) Reconsideration Request

If you’ve been in the game for as long as we have, you’ll understand how incredibly accurate this SEO comic feels. Google’s “Randomizer 3000” doesn’t yet have a way of parsing reconsideration requests for sentiment analysis, nor does it base its judgement on the keyword density of “sorry” within your reconsideration request. Fix your algorithm, Google!

Google Adwords Comic

6) Google Adwords Automatic Bidding

Okay, so this one’s not really an SEO comic but more like a PPC comic. But can you imagine if we got let into bars and clubs based on our personal Quality Score? What would happen if the doorman decided that you weren’t optimised enough for that particular establishment?

Spammy Links Comic

7) Unnatural Links Manual Penalty

I think we’ve all been here. We go to do a link profile analysis on a new client to find…. What the hell is this?

Not Provided Comic

8) Not Provided

Ah. It’s the old Not Provided joke again. I remember Halloween 2013, the number of Keyword Not Provided Halloween costumes I saw on the internet the next day… I think Not Provided costumes accounted for approximately 90% of all costumes I saw.

Tiered Links Comic

9) Matt Cutts Conspiracy Theory

We’ve gone from over-analysing everything Matt Cutts says to over-analysing everything that Matt Cutts does. Scrutinising his every Tweet, his every video, in search of Google’s secret to ranking. I’ll let you in on a secret of my own… Are you ready? There is no conspiracy theory, and this is not a Dan Brown book.

SEO Halloween Comic

10) SEO Halloween Party

 And my all-time favourite, the funniest SEO comic I’ve found so far! There desperately needs to be more SEO-themed Halloween parties. It would be so interesting to see how everyone interacts with each other whilst staying in character. Just take a moment to think about all of the possible SEO-related costumes you could have and explain to me how that party would not be a hilarious experiment.

Thank you to Dilbert, Hitreach and Happe Hour for these hilarious SEO comics! There’s not enough of them on the internet!