Voting has begun for the annual UK blog awards! The candidates for 2015 have been selected and the blogging team here at Silkstream have received 2 nominations which are for PR, Marketing, Media & Comms and digital technology; the best part being that you can vote for Silkstream! So what does it take to win a UK blog award? All will be revealed when winners are announced on April 15th, are you as excited as we are?!

After beginning on the 10th November, the public vote is currently being taken in and accounted for. Voting closes on the 3rd December and is shortly followed by an announcement of the finalists on the 12th. The finalists then go through to an expert judging period where from the 8th December until the 23rd of January they will be assessed by a panel consisting of more than 21 professional industry judges across different categories.

I know you’re probably thinking ‘Why should I vote for Silkstream over all the other amazing listed blogs?’ but I’m going to give you just a couple reasons why I personally think Silkstream deserve to win a UK blog award.

8 years and counting: We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet or anything, but the Silkstream blog has now been open since 2006! Impressive right?

This also means that… For the past 8 years our dedicated blogging team here at Silkstream have been working incredibly hard to bring you the latest Silkstream announcements, technological news, tutorials and much more. If that doesn’t deserve a blog award, then I don’t know what does…

We wish all the other candidates nominated for the UK Blog awards 2015 the best of luck, and please don’t forget to vote for us!