Silkstream were tasked with the redesign of Surgical Holdings’ website. As all websites inevitably become, the website that we had previously developed and designed for them (powered by the Silkstream CMS, of course) was starting to look a little outdated.

BEFORE Surgical Holdings’ new website design:

Surgical Holdings Old Website

Though not unsightly, they just wanted something a little more 2014, whilst still maintaining their image and branding.

Who is Surgical Holdings?

Surgical Holdings is a family business based in Southend-on-Sea since 1988. As well as being an award-winning manufacturer of surgical instruments, the company is also an established and experienced supplier and also provide surgical instrument repair and refurbishment. Surgical Holdings has been supplying the NHS and private sector for the past 15 years.

The New Web Design:

Surgical Holdings Homepage Design

The new homepage features a navigation header similar to their old web design in style, but with some new changes that makes navigation of the website even easier with an improved search design, clearer menu and social icons at the top of each page to encourage social engagement with their active social media accounts. The full-width slider on their homepage visually highlights their landing pages in an attractive layout, sliding horizontally to display Surgical Holdings’ beautiful photographs that depict their business. Featured beneath the large slider are their latest blog posts, a short summary of who they are and their latest Tweets.

Surgical Holdings Product Category

Products are sorted into categories and subcategories so customers can browse easily for the products that they need. Customers are also able to download or view online infographics and PDF versions of Surgical Holdings’ catalogues for various product categories.

Surgical Holdings Product Page

Once on the product page, the customer is able to see an overview of the product that they are interested in, as well as category navigation in the sidebar and breadcrumbs to show which category and subcategory they are viewing that particular product in. From the product page, the customer can enter the quantity that they require and click “Quote” to bring them to an enquiry form of the products that they have chosen (in a similar fashion to an e-commerce basket) and request a quote for the selected items.

Surgical Holdings contact form

Repeat customers are also able to create an account on Surgical Holdings:

Surgical Holdings account login

Registering a new account is easy and will enable the customer to buy products directly on the website and take advantage of any special deals.

Surgical Holdings Navigation

The entire Surgical Holdings website is loaded with content, including policies, white papers and detailed information on their services. All of which can be accessed through the navigation menu so that the user is able to browse the subcategories and deeper pages.

Surgical Holdings Blog

They also have a blog so that they can publish announcements and information to be shared quickly with their customers and social followers. Surgical Holdings’ blog is based on WordPress and seamlessly integrated into the design of their website, allowing Surgical Holdings’ selected users to publish using the WordPress content management system.

Surgical Holdings Mobile Design

Customers can even browse the Surgical Holdings website comfortably from their mobile device. Like all of our websites, we have optimised Surgical Holdings’ website using a little something called responsive web design. The menu is hidden away at the top, next to Surgical Holdings’ logo, behind the tap of the menu button. All of the content on the website, when viewed on a smaller resolution, is resized and redesigned so that it looks great and feels effortless to browse using a smartphone or tablet.

 Click here for a closer inspection:

Surgical Holdings Web Design

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