Silkstream’s magical webdev duo, Adam and Tristan, were asked by Solopress for a bespoke web design for their WordPress-powered blog.

Who are Solopress?

Solopress are a 24 hour turnaround printing company who also provide website development, web design, graphic design and digital marketing services (including SEO and PPC) throughout the UK.

Solopress blog homepage

The Design

The slider at the top below the logo displays Solopress’ chosen Featured content, and their current competition displayed beneath.

Single blog posts are cleanly designed, with social buttons showing share count and “Like” count. The clean white design allows for Solopress’ colourful content to visually pop right out of the page.

Solopress blog blogpost

The commenting section below each single blog post is also kept minimal and attractive so that potential commenters won’t be deterred by an over-complicated commenting process and unclear commenting section.

Solopress blog comments

Following Solopress is easy with their clear and concise Follow Us tab, that opens a dropdown menu of their main social media platforms, so that Solopress can continue to grow their supportive social community.

Solopress blog Follow Us

Their blog categories also open a dropdown menu upon hover, with each category branching off into more specific subcategories so that visitors can easily browse the blog content by category and find what they’re looking for.

The category header remains pinned to the top of the page while you scroll, making it simple to navigate the site from anywhere on page.

Solopress blog categories menu

Performing a search on the Solopress blog gently white-fades out the surrounding page content, allowing for no distraction while visitors type their query to search. The search bar is in optimal place, located below the category menus, available just when the visitors wants it the most.

Solopress blog search bar

The responsive website design of the Solopress blog means that their visitors will find all the information they want without the hassle of inconvenient multi-directional scrolling. Navigation is easy when browsing the new Solopress blog from any mobile device.

Solopress Blog mobile design

Scrolling down on a mobile device will hide away the category menu, displaying it only when you tap on the blue menu button at the top. This grey bar, which also features the “Follow Us” dropdown tab stays pinned to the top while you scroll, as it does on the desktop.

Blog posts present a button to “Read More” beneath each post excerpt, and the social buttons are consistent with the desktop design.

Click for a closer inspection:

Solopress Blog web design

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