Silkstream were asked to redesign BSW Marquees’ outdated website, giving it a fresher and sleeker look!

Who are BSW Marquees?

BSW Marquees is a family run business going back four generations with over 40 years experience. They offer a professional marquee hire service throughout Essex, and are reputed as the leading and most experienced marquee company in East Anglia.

BSW Marquees website design

The Design

The homepage is sleek and elegant in design, reflecting upon the business and the popularity of their marquee hire with weddings. A direct Call-To-Action “Get Started Now” makes those looking to hire a marquee know where to go immediately, without having to navigate any confusing layouts or menus to make a quick enquiry.

The full-width design makes a bold impression on the visitor, accompanied with the beautiful layout, so that they can easily view the fabulous photography of the marquees in action. Beneath the Feature background image is a slider displaying the website’s categories.

BSW Marquees menu design

The menu displays a drop-down menu upon hover, complete with a featured image and brief description of each submenu or category, making user navigation straightforward and attractive.

BSW Marquees latest photos

The homepage also features full-width banner of BSW Marquee’s latest photos, which automatically updates on the homepage when new photographs are added to the gallery. This takes advantage of the beautiful photography that really showcases BSW Marquees’ services and level of professionalism, and keeps visitors up to date with what sorts of recent events BSW Marquee have been providing for.

Choosing a marquee to hire has never been simpler with guidelines to hold the visitor’s hand through the process, from what type of event they’ll be needing the marquee for right down to the style, placement and other unique offers available alongside the marquee hire – with images for inspiration. For those that need some extra help with choosing, each webpage clearly displays the telephone number they can call if they have additional questions. Making communication easier between the visitor and the business!

BSW Marquees blog design

The addition of a blog to the website means that BSW Marquees can keep their customers and visitors up to date with the latest in industry news, while also giving them a platform to publicly answer customers’ questions and tell tales of their recent events.

BSW Marquees contact page

Their easy-to-reach Contact page is clean and simple, displaying only the address, email and phone number for the business, with a Google map embedded beside the contact information, so that those looking for the business can find it easily without having to scroll through unnecessary information.

BSW Marquees responsive mobile web design

The responsive website design of the BSW Marquees website means that their potential customers will find all the information they want without the hassle of inconvenient multi-directional scrolling. Navigation is easy when browsing the new website from any mobile device.

With intuitive breakpoints and the website’s header menu hidden behind a tap of the top menu button, the new mobile look ensures that the website’s content doesn’t clutter up the elegant, clean design.

Click for a closer inspection:

BSW Marquees website design


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