NEWSFLASH! Silkstream will be turning 10 years old next week! When you spend as much time as we do helping others to gain a wicked online presence, it’s easy to forget about your own. So we decided it was time for a new look.

The new homepage is segmented to bring our most popular products, eCommerce websites and SEO, to the forefront of the site for ease of navigation. We also display our featured projects and latest social happenings here. The homepage banner was built from a simple concept, it depicts the business growth that, not only Silkstream, but our clients too have experienced using our specialist techniques.

Fully Adaptive for Mobile Browsers

Our new website is fully adaptive, meaning that its set to display at its best across a whole array of browsers and resolutions, using a predefined set of layout sizes which are based on the screen sizes of the popular devices of today, such as iPads. Along with CSS and JavaScript, using the adaptive web design approach means that our new website always adapts to a detected mobile device. No more scrolling in frustration.

It’s Easy to Contact Us

The contact us page has had a few noticeable changes. First of all you might notice the fully interactive banner taken from Google Maps API. Our office is marked with an orange pin, in keeping with the rest of the website and also the Silkstream brand.

If you zoom in to our location and click on the orange person above the zoom tool, you are greeted with a street view of our offices in Rochford, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Its never been easier to find us!

Project Planner (NEW!)

A new feature that’s been added, to go along with our new look, is the Project Planner. We like to streamline the customer process, and this simple project planner allows us to discover your requirements from the very first moment you contact us.  Enabling us to discover what your business is about and get back to you quickly and conveniently.

A Glimpse Inside Silkstream HQ

If you have time you should check out the About Us page too. Here you can navigate to “meet the team”, where you’ll find a brief description of the talented individuals that you’ll be working with (along with a cheeky twist). You’ll see here that we’ve also used the medium of video to give you a glimpse inside Silkstream HQ. This is where we make the magic happen!

Our website was built for you. It was structured and designed to allow an optimal browsing experience, whilst showcasing the talents of the individuals whom work at Silkstream. So why not leave us a comment here or send us some feedback? We’d really appreciate it!