Silkstream turns 10 years old today!




To celebrate, we’ve created a slideshow timeline of Silkstream over the past 10 years.

The points highlighted throuought our timeline are:

May 2003 – Silkstream born. Leigh working from small home office providing web development services (ecommerce websites and bespoke database systems)

August 2005 – Moved to small office in Stock Road, Southend.

April 2006 – First web designer joins Leigh to double efforts and expand creative design services.

June 2007 – 2 more team members join Silkstream – expanding web design and development skillsets! Pass mile stone of producing 100 client website projects

April 2008 – Moved to larger premises in Clarence Street, Southend. Another web developer joins team.

June 2008 – Silkstream expand services to offer online marketing to its existing customers (SEO, Paid search, Email marketing)

July 2011 – Move to larger premises in Rochford (near London Southend airport). More team members join Silkstream to expand online marketing services. Pass mile stone of producing over 300 website projects

May 2013 – Silkstream 10 year anniversary. Pass mile stone of working on over 500 website projects which include web design, bespoke software development and online marketing services.

Happy Birthday Silkstream!