Why Go Mobile?

With the introduction of mobile web browsers and the huge growth in purchases such as iPads and other mobile tablets, a larger proportion of shoppers are now making purchases via the mobile web than ever before. The good news is that if you have a website then it can be accessed by any mobile device with an internet browser. However the bad news is that if your website does not offer a mobile compatible version then you could be losing potential conversions as your users struggle to navigate your full desktop website via a mobile based internet browser.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, here are another 3 reasons why your ecommerce website should go mobile in 2013:

1) According to Gartner Research, this year we will reach a crucial turning point. A point where more people will begin to access the internet via a mobile device than a desktop PC.

2) A recent survey by Compuware states that 40% of users have turned to a competitors website after suffering a bad user experience on their mobile devices.

3) The group marketing manager for Google Mobile Ads, Jesse Haines, has been reported as saying that Google researched its advertisers back in 2011 and discovered that only 21% had launched a mobile version of their website.

Mobile Website or App?

Mobile Apps are great. They can be downloaded by the user easily, and then opened right there from their mobile desktop. Convenient for people on the go. The problem with mobile applications though is that they are not returned within Google searches for keywords, unlike mobile websites, which are.

If you operate a mobile version of your website then Google will favour your website in mobile based searches compared to similar desktop websites.

Service 4 Service Go Mobile!

Leading car servicing specialists Service 4 Service approached us to build them a mobile version of their existing desktop site when they realised they could be missing out on potential business driven through mobile browsers.

We took their current brand and desktop website and simplified it down to a neat and user friendly mobile version. You can view the results below.

Mobile Website Service 4 Service

If you are interested in creating a mobile version of your website then contact Silkstream for Mobile website design.


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