But every website will lose a percentage of visitors before this crucial point. So what are the best strategies to improve your websites click-through rate (CTR), and reduce this percentage?

Attract the right audience

Put some time into investigating your core audience. The best part of marketing, particularly when it comes to the internet, is that you can target exactly the type of people that you want to attract to your website. You are not limited geographically, the internet gives you a potential client pool of the whole world so don’t waste it. Find the right way to target those most likely to be interested in your product.

Remember that user experience is important – make clicks obvious!

Now that you have captured the perfect audience for your website you should turn your attention to the design of it. The design of your website should always be focused on the users experience first. A poorly designed website will naturally give you a terrible click-through rate. Make sure that the next point along in a consumers cycle is clear, from the moment they arrive at your landing page until they reach your end goal, keep the next step obvious to the user so you don’t lose them in confusion.

Increase Your Click-Through Rate!

Be mindful of your websites pain points

Pain points is a term used to describe certain points on your website that users may feel negative emotions as they browse. For instance; the checkout page of an ecommerce website. You can alleviate any negative emotions within these pain points by implementing trust factors like customer reviews or accreditations. It is important to identify the pain points within your website as this is where you will probably be losing the most potential customers, after all, if they made it to your checkout then the chances are they had every intention of buying your product.

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