Known affectionately by many Facebook users as "stalker feed" because they believe it provides too much information, the Facebook ticker doesn’t seem to have melted the hearts of many of the users who were upset with its release by providing detailed information about what your friends like, share, comment on etc.

Back in October ‘Spotify‘ announced they had incorporated a way to show what you were listening to and then in November Facebooks ‘sponsored stories’ were also introduced into the ticker.

The good news is that Facebook have, again,  listened to popular opinion and now included an option to turn it off. Follow the simple instructions below to learn how to hide the Facebook ticker.

If you have the sidebar open for chat, your ticker will be located above this. You can close the sidebar by clicking as shown below:

This will close the Facebook sidebar moving your ticker to the top right of your news feed.
From here you can hide the ticker by clicking as shown below:

It is important to note that although you have now hidden the Facebook ticker from your home screen, this will not stop your posts, likes or comments appearing on others.

You can find other ticker related information on Facebooks official page here.