The quality of subscribers is also ignored; lots of bounces indicate a poor quality mailing list and poor management of bounces can lead to your future mail being identified as spam. In lots of cases your return on investment can be best acheived when focusing on the quality of your mailing list, ensuring a very targeted audience, rather than the quantity of subscribers.

Monitoring and measuring e-marketing statistics is essential for establishing the success of a campaign, how do you know if it worked if you don’t know how many people opened it? Our emarketing software, SEND, allows you to look at open rates, click throughs, bounces and manage subscribers. You can track opening trends and send your email out accordingly. For example, do more people open a newsletter on Wednesday afternoon? Identifying a pattern is the best way to ensure e-marketing success.


  1. Absolutely agree with you.
    \nThere is a statement that "money is in the list".
    \nA targeted segmented email list of opt-in subscribers that requested to receive information on a particular topic from you constitutes is an essential element for the success of any email campaign.

  2. The true hurdle is getting people to actually LOOK at the data. The more they look at it and attempt to figure out how it works, the better they will understand their email efforts. Tweak something one way…send another email another way and compare! It takes just a bit of effort – but you can have super results fast just by taking the time to understand the data. Quality always trumps quantity…..well – most of the time!