Yep, it’s that time again!

We all see social media trends that come and go from time to time. They may not be around for long, but they usually make a huge impact in the time that they are. Last year the ALS ice bucket challenge took social media by storm, with 28 million people talking about the challenge on Facebook alone and an estimated $114 million raised from July 29th-September 22nd. That’s less than 500 days!


Over the past week or so, a lot of social media attention has been placed on the Chinese avatar creation app My Idol. Popular for its arguably scary resemblant avatars and funny videos, My Idol expanded from Chinese speaking users and was made a massive hit in the UK! Although the app is formatted in Chinese and there are no translation options, this didn’t stop users from working out the functions via trial and error in order to create their digital selves. There’s nothing quite like persistence ay! There are now also online guides to the app, which tell you what each editing section means and does, without all the fuss.

What do Silkstream look like in the world of My Idol?

Well, It’s not exactly accurate as such. Tristan and Leigh have had to be dressed in panda costumes, as a panda hat was the only option which covered their hair. Unfortunately the My Idol app doesn’t cater for a lot of hair styles or colours, so these were sacrifices which had to be made in order for their characters to still look like them. I have a weird strand of spontaneously placed hair across my forehead, and Hayley has a slight mark on her chin where she was resting her head on her hand in the picture I used, but still..












Hair issues aside, My Idol is a lot of fun, and definitely worth installing and playing around with. You can make the characters pose in several different ways, dance, sing and do pretty much anything else you can think of. So if you’ve ever fancied yourself riding on a motorbike, but you’re not too keen on the practicality of it, now’s your chance! Thank you Huanshi Ltd., you’re going to keep me amused for days..

It’s not just us either.

It’s fair to say that the Silkstream team were not the only ones to make a My Idol avatar. Twitter was the place where the My Idol obsession really took off, with many people making animated versions of their favourite celebs. Welcome to the weird side of Twitter..

Forget Miliband..What do you think? Did we pull it off?

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