You can put the party poppers down now

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As Friday arrives (TGIF!), we’re sadly faced with the closure of National Apprenticeship Week 2015. *sigh* Whatever will we all do with our days now? Plan for the next one of course! Only 361 days to go people..

On a serious note though, for me this week has been a huge success.The #NAW2015 hashtag has been sweeping the Twitter birds off their branches, and it’s been great to see so many other apprentices, as well as their employers, getting involved.

The best part about the week for me has to have been seeing all the positivity flow out of apprentices as they worked with both their employers, and their training providers to scream and shout from the rooftops (not literally, I hope) ‘THIS IS WHAT APPRENTICESHIPS ARE REALLY ALL ABOUT’. The 3AAA Academy’s Apprentice and Employer selfies were my personal favourite example of this. I mean, what says ‘Yeah. Enjoy sitting those lengthy college/uni exams.’ more than a fun-loving work #selfie?

#NAW2015 took place not only on social media, but several apprenticeship events were also hosted all over the country. I really do hope that all the presenters at these events had their best motivational speeches laid out in front of them, and spoke with an engaging tone because upcoming and productive apprentices are really what potential employers need. Not to forget of course, the amazing experiences, and skills, which apprentices themselves will get out of their course.

It really is a shame to see the week come to an end, but the productivity that it produced will live forever, both in spirit, and social media archives.

#NAW2016, We’re coming for you..