Hello again,

I am now in my fourth month here at Silkstream and I wanted to talk to you all about the sorts of things I’ve been doing and what I have learnt since I first joined the team. I’m taking on the role of a social media apprentice, so in part of my role I’ve been assisting with accounts across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

I have a strong interest towards building up our clients’ overall social reach – audience and impressions. Sometimes this really Isn’t as easy as it may sound and I’ve been trying to boost followers and activity using a number of tactics to measure the most effective method.


For example, using Twitter I searched and followed highly relevant accounts with similar interests in order to engage with them – hoping some would follow back! There’s an initial disproportion of following to followers ratio but this would soon build with some TLC. As followers increase I can reach-out to a wider audience and engage more people.

The team suggested our client launch a viral competition during the run-up to Christmas – in order to promote brand awareness and build keen, like-minded followers.

I helped research case-studies of other Christmas competitions and marketing campaigns, looking for insight into strategy, prizes, call-to-action, tone-of-voice etc., We decided the perfect prize was an iTunes voucher – one that aligned itself well to our client’s brand and appealed to a wide audience.


I have also been experimenting with Pinterest to find and share some great content. I have found that Pinterest is a perfect platform for visual businesses –  Photography companies being a great example of this!

I have discovered that creating niche boards, which other people will also be searching for, is a great way to get repins, as well as building a following of people who are genuinely interested in seeing what you have to share.

This is the Second instalment of My week on Social Media. Don’t forget to come and check back again soon to see what my next week will have to offer!