Having worked before with A Pass 4 U, Silkstream were asked to help with the web design of A Pass 4 U’s brand new website for their trailer training courses.

Who is A Trailer Pass 4 U?

A Trailer Pass 4 U is a website for A Pass 4 U’s trailer training courses; the popular driving school’s courses specialising in training drivers towing smaller trailers and caravans for their trailer towing test. The website is intended to not only be a place for drivers to book or enquire trailer towing lessons throughout Essex, Kent, London and Suffolk, but also as a resource for those seeking more information about trailer training.

A Trailer Pass 4 U homepage design

The Design

The homepage acts as a hub of information, with clear navigation to various sections of the website, motivational imagery of “Successful drivers” who have passed their test thanks to A Trailer Pass 4 U, and a wealth of information about the company and about trailer training in general – all on the homepage, but in a very readable design. Each page on the website features A Pass 4 U’s social icons, so that visitors can follow and engage with the company via social media. The blue colours used throughout the website are consistent with A Pass 4 U’s branding, and though the website is simple in design it flatters the humble driving courses provider well.

Trailer Training Courses

The Courses page provides information on various course options in an attractive layout, with Make Enquiry call-to-action buttons throughout the page, meaning that it’s easy to make an enquiry no matter where on the page you are. Very handy for when you’re browsing from your smart phone.

Trailer Training Locations

The Courses page also features a list of locations where A Pass 4 U provide trailer training courses in Essex and the South East. Each town links to a landing page targeting that specific location.

Trailer Training Southend

The location pages feature an interactive Google map of the local area so that users can see a map of the town where they wish to be trained in trailer towing. The page will also inform the visitor which local roads they can expect to learn on within that town, as well as the nearest trailer training test centre where they can go on to complete their test once they have undergone the training.

Trailer Training FAQ

The FAQs section of the website lists the company’s frequently asked questions along with in depth answers that will hopefully help all website visitors within the country, and not just those in A Pass 4 U’s target locations. It’s a great web page for those in need of a little more information on trailer training courses.

Trailer Training Blog

In addition to the trailer training FAQs, there is also a blog where A Pass 4 U can publish more in-depth articles that answer drivers’ questions on trailer training (for example, a couple of recent posts include: “Reversing With A Trailer In 6 Easy Steps” and “What Are The Speed Limits When Towing A Trailer?”). A Pass 4 U have also decided to use the blog as a place to showcase and congratulate recent drivers who have passed their their car and trailer test thanks to A Pass 4 U. The blog even features a handy little search bar for those looking for more specific trailer training information.

Trailer Training Enquiry

When the visitor has finally decided on A Pass 4 U as their trailer training provider, or if they have a couple more questions that need answering, they can choose to telephone A Pass 4 U directly on contact them through the website’s enquiry form.

Trailer Training Mobile

A Trailer Pass 4 U’s brand new website, like all of our websites, even works brilliantly when browsed from any mobile device thanks to responsive web design! This means that any visitor to the website will be able to locate all the information that they’re after and contact A Trailer Pass 4 U easily without the inconvenience of having to scroll everywhere. Navigation made easy!

The navigation menu is hidden away behind the tap of a button, which slides across to reveal the website menu and A Trailer Pass 4 U’s contact number for easy enquiries. This ensures that the user is presented with a clutter-free design on their smaller mobile screen. Website content is broken down into easy to read chunks so users don’t have to scroll side-to-side and just swipe down to read more. Beautiful.

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A Trailer Pass 4 U