Legacy Funding Corporation were looking for a website redesign and, since Silkstream have worked on LFC’s website before, they came to Tristan and Adam for their new redesign!

Who is LFC?

LFC is an independent insurance broker based in Hockley, Essex. They have been advising businesses for over 40 years, during which time they have gained valuable experience and insight into designing insurance and risk management solutions to suit a wide range of sectors.

Before the Redesign

Silkstream’s old webdesign for LFC just looked and felt outdated. Definitely in need of a revamp.

LFC Before Website Redesign

The New Website Design Looks Much Better!

LFC Homepage Webdesign

There’s more colour to the website and the design in general just makes more of a lasting impression on the website visitor with its use of imagery and colour, that maintains a high level of professionalism.

The homepage displays an attractive slider to their main three landing pages: Legal Insurance; Charity Insurance; and Trustees. Next to the slider is a “LFC – why us?” bullet-pointed reasons as to why visitors should choose LFC, accompanied by a Call To Action button to the contact page, and their contact number. The “why us” section changes colour to suit the colour theme of the coinciding slider as it slides through its landing page images.

Beneath the top section displaying the slider, the website visitor is presented with three options to browse Legal Insurance, Audits and Trustees. Each one with a short excerpt beneath the image informing the visitor with a little information regarding each section.

Above the footer is a sliding display of big names that LFC have worked with.

LFC Website Design Slider

Each page within the navigation menu drops down into subcategories that the user can browse for specific information. Each page still displays the contact number and Request a Callback CTA so that visitors to the page can easily contact LFC no matter what page they viewing.

LFC Website Design

Further information pages answer visitors’ questions, such as “What is legacy funding?” in an easy-to-digest, readable format.

LFC Website Design

From the Contact page, website visitors can drop LFC a quick message via the Enquiry Form, as well as retrieve LFC’s contact information, such as their physical address and telephone information.

LFC Website Design

The website even includes a members-only section of the website where website members are able to view information and resources exclusive only to LFC’s online members. Registration is a breeze with this quick and simple registration form.

LFC Registration page design

And logging in is even easier!

LFC Login page website design

LFC’s newly redesigned website, like all of Silkstream’s websites, will even work perfectly when being browsed from any mobile device thanks to responsive web design! The website makes use of intuitive breakpoints to prevent its users from having to do any inconvenient multi-directional scrolling which may negatively impact the user’s experience. Instead, the website’s layout will simply adjust to the device’s native screen size to ensure that the website’s layout and design is optimised to the visitor’s device no matter what device they may be browsing from.


LFC Mobile web Design

The navigation menu is at the top of the page, hidden behind a tap of the top menu button, ensuring that the website’s menu content doesn’t clutter the user’s mobile screen and confuse the user when trying to find certain information and contact LFC. Visitors can locate all the information that they need and contact LFC just as easily as they could on a desktop.

Click here for a closer inspection:

LFC bespoke web design