Happy Valentine’s Day 2014, everybody!

Nothing says “I love you” more than a Google generated graph of a Valentine’s Day love heart.

Google Generated Graph Heart

And what better way of sending it to someone over the internet than a Let Me Google That For You link! ha!

Or alternatively you can Tweet it to your followers just by clicking here!

Tweet: Will you be my #Valentine? http://ctt.ec/8yLd9+

Can you feel the anticipation burning inside them when they click it?

“What is this strange equation that I’m Googling?”

Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle 2014

Today’s Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle  allows you to send and receive a heart-shaped box of chocolates. You can customise the chocolates to be a combination of different flavours (my favourite is the white chocolate strawberry with rainbow sprinkles ^_^), before sharing them with your valentine via the given link or the social media icons. (If only they were real… And I had someone to send them to me…)

As far as Google Doodles go, I think this is a really effective way of bringing the holiday to the internet. It encompasses all the real-life aspects of giving and sharing with the ones you love in that quirky, fun way that we’ve come to expect from Google. And the inclusion of social icons? Genius. Because these days, if it can’t be shared on Facebook or Twitter then it might as well not even exist. People are more likely to share something when it’s been made easy to share.

I do love Google’s interactive Doodles, and they seem to be getting more and more creative with each passing year. Google’s come a long way since their first Valentine’s Day Doodle in 2000:

 Google's First Valentine's Day Doodle 2000


SEO Valentine's Day

So get back to work. And have a happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.