One of the buzzwords in online marketing is content marketing and with content creation apps like Vine growing in popularity, businesses are looking to create their own unique content with an objective of raising their brand’s awareness within organic and social search.

To help you on your mission of content creation, we’ve created a video on how to find opportunities for unique and creative content that will serve as a useful first step. For reference, we have also included a formatted transcript below the video.

One of the simplest ways to [raise awareness of your brand in organic search] is through the age old art of blogging. If your company is an expert in its field then you should be able to write very informative, in-depth articles but be mindful of your target audience because you don’t want to alienate them with jargon.

Publish guides on how to use your products

If you sell products and your customers are the target audience then product care tutorials or usage guides are one way to provide useful content that they are likely to share either socially or by word of mouth.

Provide answers to frequently asked questions

If there are any FAQs from your customers, these can provide very effective content opportunities because other people may be searching online for answers to the very same questions. Just make sure that you answer them clearly. You can also be as imaginative as you want when displaying the content to make it more engaging through video, audio, or even animated gifs as well as written articles.

Use Google’s suggested search feature

Another way to find content opportunities is through Google’s suggested search. This appears when you begin to type a search query into Google and it provides up to four suggestions that change as your search terms expand in length based on searches that other people have made.

Start by looking at the results for these suggested queries and see if there is an opportunity for you to either write your own version of an old, existing article that might need updating or create your own content that fulfills that search term.

A good idea is to find content that appears in one medium like text, and create that content in another format like video.

Keep up to date with popular news & trends

Another way to find content opportunities is to keep a pulse on popular trends as well as industry specific news because you can report on a hot topic and have a chance, albeit a slim one if it is celebrity related, to appear in results relating to a popular news topic.

For example, John Lewis is renowned for their Christmas television advertising which leads to people searching for them online just to watch them again. Blogs that have written about the ads in some way have a chance of appearing in search results for “John Lewis Christmas TV Ad” which is a strategy you can also adopt.

Use the Google trends tool

A free tool that you can use to find content opportunities is Google Trends. It is a useful tool that helps to identify search trends and can be a good indicator of what is growing in popularity. It identifies keyword searches that are trending in a similar way to Twitter trends so that you can see which keywords have risen in search volume over a period of time, as short as 7 days.

Keyword searches are categorised by popular industries so you can find which one relates to your website the most and see the searches rising in popularity.

For example, if you are a home blog or website, you will notice that wood burners are currently rising in trends which is understandable now that we are into the cold season. By creating content that is rising in popularity based on Google trends, you have the opportunity to present your brand whether it is through articles, video, images, etc.

Those are just a few suggestions on how you can find unique content creation opportunities. To find out more in the near future make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our blog. Thanks for watching!

Takeaways from this video:

  • publish product usage guides on your blog
  • answer any FAQs in articles
  • use suggested search for article ideas related to your site
  • keep abreast of popular & industry specific news
  • use Google Trends