The recent burst of sunny weather has almost eradicated the gloomy start to our British Spring from memory and given us hope for the summer ahead.

As well as topping up our much-needed Vitamin D and catching a mild glow in the past few weeks, retailers lucky enough to be situated in the sun-soaked parts of the UK might also have benefited from summer-specific purchases.

To look at it from a search perspective, we’ve analysed the search trends of some of the popular products that we Brits look to get our hands on when the Sun has got his hat on with comparisons from the past 3 months (90 days).

Arguably some of the products searched above, such as barbecue, are broad and could be related to other search types but the fact remains that these particular terms have appeared to increase in search volume during the period of sunny weather.

It could, therefore, be inferred that these products are largely seasonal based on search trends – the actual impact of which would need to be measured by sales figures from retailers.

Using Google Trends

For retailers who specialise in products that are influenced by seasonal demand, Google Trends can provide a more educated guess as to when you could experience your next period of busy sales based on historic data that dates back as far as 2004.

This could in turn help you plan ahead in terms of purchasing, marketing, etc – of course weather forecasts are not entirely predictable YoY but insightful data that shows any patterns in demand could provide a signal of when to increase orders and meet demand. Do also be mindful though that various other external influences could affect your potential sales, such as competition, the economy, popularity, and more.