…if you haven’t, here’s the official notice they published to users who login:

The reason is simply due to the decrease in number of users that the app has had, which leaves current users questioning what Google Reader alternatives should they migrate their favourite RSS feeds to next?

To help relieve the worry involved with choosing a new RSS reader, we’re going to give you an insight to the different reader sites and applications used at Silkstream HQ by each of our team members.


Blog Lovin’

Randal’s Choice

I recently signed up to Blog Lovin’ which is my new favourite rss reader for three reasons:


1. They email me a daily roundup of the blogs I follow and the posts they’ve published that I haven’t read yet which is far more convenient than logging in and using the platform – ideal if I’m travelling. It shows you the title of each article, a summary and clickable links to the original online content.


2. It allows me to find new blogs by categorising all registered blogs into interests and country – I’m normally looking for UK blogs because of the relatable content, however, I often read foreign blogs too from the US, etc.


3. It allows me to register my own blog to their platform which could potentially increase the visibility of my own content.


When I decided to migrate from Google Reader, Blog Lovin’ supported me by offering the function of transferring my feeds straight from Google into its own reader at the click of a button, saving me the hassle of finding each feed url and pasting it several times. This easy interface is continued throughout the site, which is why I’m confident in my recent decision to use this reader.

Blog Lovin’ also has dedicated iPhone and Android apps.


Firefox’s Live Bookmarks

Hayley’s Choice


Hayley prefers to use Firefox’s RSS feed application (Live Bookmarks) which can be displayed in your specified bookmarks menu or on the browser’s toolbar.

By adding it to the toolbar, you are able to see a list of your bookmarked blog’s 10 latest posts (the newest at the top) when you click on the bookmark button. This application also identifies the articles you’ve already read by removing the orange RSS symbol next to those articles.

Adding the RSS feeds to your toolbar is ideal if you want to keep an eye on your most important blogs quickly, however, if you are subscribed to several blogs then you will benefit from adding them to the bookmark menu, which offers the same functionality but avoids presenting a cluttered toolbar in addition to speeding up your access to specific blogs in your collection.



Leigh’s Choice


Leigh’s favourite RSS feed reader is Feedly – a lightweight browser add-on for both Firefox and Chrome that has a great range of discovery features in addition to providing you the ability to add your favourites directly from Google Reader. You can also paste the RSS urls of new blogs directly into Feedly’s search bar to subscribe to them.


Similar to Blog Lovin, you have to sign up to use this reader which requires a Google account if you don’t already have one.

Feedly displays your RSS subscriptions in a similar format to Google Reader but the daily summary is presented in a YouTube-esque format that looks far nicer in my opinion.


This reader is also accessible on mobile devices with apps available to download for iOS, Android, and Kindle devices so you can access your feeds away from the desktop too.



Adam’s Choice

Being a Mac user, Adam’s preferred RSS reader is a very clean and simplistic Mac App called Leaf.

Like the other applications we’ve explored, Leaf also allows you to conveniently move your subscriptions straight from Google Reader into its platform in addition to accepting RSS urls.


What is different about this app is the way that your feeds are displayed. The creators of Leaf have gone for a minimalistic approach and display articles as a roundel thumbnail followed by a title with the time published and the name of the blog. You’re only presented with a summary of the article once you click on a feed in the list – emphasising the importance of a captivating blog title to encourage a click!

Selecting the Right Reader


I hope that this collection of Google Reader alternatives has given you a good range to consider for when Google finally pull the plug on this service.


On a related note, you might have noticed that I left my fellow teammate Tristan out of the recommendation list and that’s because he is a current Google Reader user so who he sides with in the war of the readers is anyone’s guess.


If, however, you have any other RSS reader suggestions for Tristan and our readers then please feel free to share them in our comments area below.

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Randal Whitmore

Online Marketer at Silkstream Ltd
Randal previously worked with Silkstream dealing with Search Engine Marketing, he has since went on to explore different ventures.