The Facebook Timeline for business pages will consist of several new features. Many of you may already be familiar with the timeline design as it was first introduced last year as optional for personal accounts, and those personal accounts that have not yet chose to update to Timeline will find it is forced upon them on this same date.

Cover Image

The cover image is a large image which dominates the top of your new business page. It should be at least 399 pixels wide and can be changed at any time. Your cover images will be public so it makes a lot of sense to use branding here, choose a unique image that will capture peoples attention. Coca-Cola have implemented this perfectly.

Facebook rules for cover images state that you may not use any kind of promotional language. This includes price or purchase information, contact information or calls to action. You may also not reference other Facebook elements such as likes or shares.

Profile Image

Your profile image isn’t a new concept. However you must remember that this image is what represents your business when you make posts across Facebook. Again keep it branded but make it different to the cover image. This image should be square and at least 180 pixels wide.

Highlighting Whats Important

All your custom apps, such as videos and reviews, that used to be located on the left hand side of your business page are now located here. With the exception of “Photos” (which will always be located in position 1) these can be changed and reordered to suit your page and to highlight the things that matter for your fans. You can only display up to 12 apps here so choose wisely and display the most important ones first.

You also have the ability to highlight your page posts which will make them double in size across the width of your business page timeline. An even newer feature is pinning. You can now pin a post which forces them to the top of your page and keeps them these for a limited time. These are marked with small flags. Both are great ways of highlighting particular posts for your fans attention.

Admin Panel

The new admin panel is where you can view and manage everything in one place. Detailing your notifications, new likes and your pages insights.

This keeps everything you need to know just one click away and encourages interaction with your business pages fans.


In the Facebook Timeline for Business admin panel there is now also a messages box. For the first time your fans can interact with your page privately. When you receive a new message it will appear here in your admin panel. This is a great way to increase your level of customer service.


As with personal profiles, Facebook’s Timeline for business pages features a complete history of the page’s subject. Include milestones for your business which highlights all the important events in your business history. This will enrich your fans experience with your page by building trust and encouraging further interaction.